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If you want to partnership with us please contact:


Join us and make a difference with your talents.

Music Matters is committed to bring music education to all children.  As an MM educator or a performer, you have an opportunity to share your expertise and talents in a way that can transform kids.


  • Love working with children, grades TK-5!

  • Have excellent classroom management skills

  • Be able to read music, play the instrument, sing on pitch, and learn quickly

  • Be outgoing, upbeat, organized, and patient

  • Have the ability to transport educational materials to multiple school campuses

  • Pass a background check (part of the interview process)

  • Manage and Organize your projects and be a team player

  • Be able to play the instrument, sing on pitch, keep a steady beat, and read music

  • Manage and Organize your projects and be a team player

  • Be out-going, organized, and patient

  • Pass a background check

  • Love working with kids!


  • Specialize in your instrument

  • Manage your own performance materials as well as the performance time

  • Will be able to perform in public

  • Help us spread Music Matters Mission by sharing the love of music. 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Have a degree in music performance or in music education (applicants currently completing a relevant degree may be considered)

  • Have at least three years of teaching experience in music

  • Have demonstrated ability to teach music in a classroom

  • Be available at least two days/a week

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