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Video Rules

  • The video should be unedited (without effects, zoom, titles, or fades). The contestant’s face, foot, and hands should always be visible.

  • The recording must be a one-take without cutting. 

  • Two songs must be recorded in one take without editing. 

  • Videos may be uploaded on YouTube (No Midi Files).

  • The video recording should be of good technical quality (no dynamic compression)

  • The video should not be older than six months at the time of application.

  • Videos should be an accurate representation of the PDF score. If there are discrepancies between the video and PDF score, only the score will be evaluated.

  • Videos should be unlisted, with comments disabled.

  • The account owner is anonymous, or the entrant with music studio/school names; the student's or teacher's name will not be revealed.

  • Only participant(s) will be allowed to be shown on the video. 

  • One student is limited to submitting one video. 

Repertoire Rules

  • No changes to the competition program are permitted once the application form has been received.

  • Participants must perform two self-chosen works with contrasting styles: Any work by any composer from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern periods.

  • Participants music choose two works with contrasting styles. 

  • The score must not include the student's or teacher's name.

  • All works must use the original score. 

  • All works must be performed by memory for solo division. 

  • All works must be performed within the limited minutes. 

  • All works should avoid repeats. 

  • Contestants may perform without repeat as long as the performance duration meets the requirement (for the time range of each category, please refer to the Performance Rules).

Performance Rules

  • The participant must not announce his/her name or age on the video. 

  • Playing with an accompanist is recommended but not required for the solo division of violin, viola, and cello.

  • For all applicants, not more than two works may be performed.

  • Selected winners must play the same repertoire for the October Raising Star Honor Concert in the Baronoly Hall. 

  • A parent or guardian must accompany participant(s) who are under the age of 18 for the Raising Star Honor Concert.

Performance Time Limits

  • Single repertoire choice is not more than 5 minutes for the elementary and junior divisions.

  • Single repertoire choice is not more than 7 minutes for the intermediate and senior divisions. 

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